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Where It All Started


Sophisticated Parties offers highly personalized special events design, planning, and execution services to individuals and businesses located throughout the greater Los Angeles metropolitan area.


Established in 1994 under the creative control of head designer, Nel Stanley, Sophisticated Parties is dedicated to designing, planning, and executing special events that reflect the distinct personalities, needs, and desires of its clients. For this reason, the company's reputation for excellence relies less on its ability to achieve a particular look or style, than on the consistently high quality working relationships it develops with clients, and their overall satisfaction with the services provided – whether those services involve the comprehensive design of the entire event as a whole, taking care of just the floral arrangements, or just offering suggestions for an appropriate venue.


Services provided include: comprehensive full event design, planning, and execution; venue/vendor contracting and management; venue set up, decoration, and clean up; floral arrangements and centerpieces; rental of equipment, supplies, linens, and select decorations.


Individual/family events executed: bridal showers, wedding ceremonies and receptions, holiday parties, baby showers, christenings, baptisms, birthday parties, bar/bas mitzvahs, quinceañeras, family reunions, anniversaries, funerals, memorials, and wakes.


Business/corporate events executed: workshops, conferences, retreats, fundraisers, awards ceremonies, and retirements.


For additional information, or to schedule a personalized consultation, call 818-920-0029, visit us on the web at www.sophisticatedparties.com, or follow us on both Facebook and Instagram.


As the founding, and primary creative force behind Sophisticated Parties, Nel Stanley brings over twenty years experience anticipating and addressing the complex challenges of designing, planning, and successfully executing events that are as special as the people and occasions they celebrate. 

She views herself as the medium through which the aspirations, ideas, feelings, and thoughts her clients wish to express by hosting a special event are realized.Those things are unique to each client ñ as is the amount of time, interest, energy, money, experience, expertise, and knowledge each client possesses and feels comfortable bringing to the design and planning process.These differences are fundamental to shaping, not only the kind of work Nel does for each of her clients, but how she works with them as well. 

"I tell people to hire me so the event can stay as special for them as they want it to be for everyone else.To involve themselves only in those ways that bring them joy or pleasure on some level.To ask themselves constantly 'am I creating the kind of memories I really want to have about this event?' Because, fundamentally, I believe that's what hiring me is supposed to give them the freedom to do."


Although Nel seeks out, and takes inspiration from everything she experiences, she credits the challenge of meeting the diversity of her clients' interests and needs with pushing her outside the comfort zone of copying the latest styles and trends to give her the creative, different,ìwowî factor edge that's become the hallmark of her work with Sophisticated Parties. 


"I think this 'wow' factor everyone comments on is really just the inherently interesting interplay of two seemingly divergent aesthetics coming together to speak one another's language: composing rough stone and moss, for ex- ample, in ways that produce a lush, sensuous, and authentically elegant feel... or going tribal with a head dress of orchids. It's about breaking with convention, and the delight of true surprise."


Nel has taken pleasure in delighting others with this kind of surprise since she was a child.Visitors to her grandmother's house were treated to tea served in the best china, on a tray, with real napkins, and a clutch of whatever flowers Nel could find in the garden that day."I learned early that doing something special for people not only makes them feel special, but, more importantly, communicates just how special they actually are to you as well. I loved everything about it. I still do." 

It's been over twenty years since Nel decided to make it her business to help people recognize and celebrate those special to them. From bridal showers and weddings - to christenings, birthdays, bar/bas mitzvahs, quinceaneras, family reunions, anniversaries, and wakes - Nel Stanley and the rest of the talented staff at Sophisticated Parties have what it takes to make the design, planning, and execution of any event as pleasurable of a memory as the event itself.